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5 amazingly delicious protein packed breakfast ideas

5 amazingly delicious protein packed breakfast ideas

Hey BuBu Squad!

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. I mean there are so many delish options. I used to be an egg sandwich kind of girl. Eggs are definitely my favorite. But as more as I learned through my healthy lifestyle and workout journey the more, I realized that protein was the way to go. Meaning more proteins vs. carbs. Now, this doesn't mean you aren't allowed to eat carbs. But if you want to focus on muscle gain and fat loss, you have to increase your protein intake. Starting with a protein-rich breakfast is ideal for fueling your muscles and give you the energy to tackle your day and your workout. Now, most people tend to have more carbs for breakfast but protein is a much better option.


Muscles contain a lot of protein. When protein is digested, it is broken down into amino acids. These amino acids can then be used to build new protein.



As many of us know protein doesn’t always have to come from meat. There are a lot of vegan-friendly sources of protein like beans and nuts. My secret weapon is the delicious complete plant-based protein packs. They can go in almost any meal and provide a boost of plant-based protein. These are my go-to protein-packed breakfast recipes


Protein Power Chocolate Frappuccino





Your favorite coffee

Almond milk

Dutch Chocolate Protein (or Protein of your choice)

Prepare your coffee as you do normally. I don't use any sugar in this recipe, I feel it doesn’t need it because of the chocolate. Throw everything in the blender and enjoy!


Loaded Omelet




2 organic large

Handful of spinach

Turkey sausage


Goat cheese (optional)



Almond Protein Pancakes

IMG_20180219_191101_885000 1.png

Your favorite pancakes mix I like

2 eggs


Half of a banana

Almond milk

1 scoop French Vanilla Protein

Top with your favorite almond butter

1 TBS coconut oil


Mix all ingredients to make a batter. Cook on medium heat in greased pan or griddle. Top with your favorite almond butter or whatever your heart desires.


Overnight Protein Oats

1 cup Rolled oats

1 Banana

1/2/ cup Almond milk

Chia seeds/Flaxseed mix

Almond butter

1 scoop French Vanilla Protein


You can let the rolled oats, almond milk, and chia seed sit overnight, or assemble in the morning. Mix in some protein and heat. Then top with banana, chia/flaxseed mix, and almond butter. Can you tell I like almond butter lol



Yogurt fruit and nuts protein bowl


1 cup of yogurt (I like Greek yogurt but you can use regular or plant-based yogurt)

Mixed berries

Mixed nuts

Chia seeds/Flaxseed mix


Assemble all ingredients and freestyle in a bowl.

amazingly delicious protein packed breakfast ideas.png

Let me know which one is your favorite and make sure to tag #bodyupbossup if you try any recipes!





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