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Start a life of more freedom.

As a stay at home mom I was looking for a way I could stay home with my daughter and earn extra money. I was looking for flexibility and freedom. I found just that with the Lion Tribe. So I founded BossUp Babes to help other do the same. I created the BossUp Babes to help others create more freedom by earning more income working from home. All while living healthier and traveling the world. My dream is to create a community of bosses who inspire healthy living, have fun, collect coins and travel the world! We have developed online training in which you learn everything from A to Z, you learn how to start your business, product knowledge, how to implement the strategies, how to create your customers, how to enter orders etc etc. You can do this part-time and make part time money all the way up to 6 figures. Doesn't sound to shabby huh?! 

What we stand for:

  • A healthier lifestyle that works for you

  • No strict diets

  • Freedom

  • Positive vibes

  • Continues support

  • High quality products

  • Programs that deliver long lasting results


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How much money do people earn? Above you can see the average earnings. Of course, these earnings aren’t guarantees or projections of what you will earn: that all depends on what you do. You can easily calculate the amount of money you will save on your own purchases (if you wish to do so), depending on which of our products you buy. Beyond that, however, as with any business, your earnings will vary depending on your abilities, your objectives, and the amount of time you devote to sharing our mission with others and building a BossUp Babes team. Importantly, our Compensation Plan allows you to earn more as you do more. As your activity increases, you are promoted to higher and higher positions as you share our mission with more and more people and start to add team members who do the same.

If you would like to-

Be your own boss

Work from wherever you wish

Write your own rules

Follow a proven successful business model

Work with an empowering group of girls

Build an online business

Make an uncapped income

Help others

Contact the person who shared this with you or send an email to nadine.s.richardson@gmail.com