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Tips & Tricks: How to balance life as a work from home mom

Tips & Tricks: How to balance life as a work from home mom

Hey squad,

Being a work at home mom myself; blogger and health and lifestyle coach, I've been thinking of the ways I keep myself sane most days. In my opinong work from home is a little taboo but for me the best ways to make money. There is nothing like being your own boss. But being a boss at home and family can be tricky to balance. Sometimes life is insane but that's just how things go sometimes. So I have come up with some tips and tricks that I practice so things can run as smoothly and balanced as possible. 


Create a routine and schedule that work for you and your family. 

For me having a routine/schedule definitely keep me sane. Now all days won't go as planned, I mean kids right. So you schedule can be too rigid. For my business, I like to work with Power Hours. These are 2 or 3  gaps of time where I'm highly productive. I try to take as fewer breaks as possible during these power hours. For me, the first power hour is for working on my blog and the next power hour is working on my business and taking time for my clients.

TIP: I find the earlier I wake up the better my day goes. Tomorrow wake up 30-60 minutes early. Here is a sample of the perfect day for me:

  • 7:30am wake up, grattitude notes/journal. Milk for Nova and potty. Yoga/meditations
  • 9am make breakfast and throw in a load of laundry if needed. This is routine so I don’t forget and have to do it later
  • 10am Power hour till 11:30am Blogging dutties
  • 11:30 to 1pm Play time with Nova, any chores that need to be done around the house or personal to-do's
  • 1-3pm is nap time for my daughter and I usually have online meetings at this time
  • 5-6:30 Power hour business
  • 6:30 workout
  • 7:30 bed time routine: bath, pjs, book, milk and sleep
  • 8:30/9:00 Shower/bath and relax with some personal development


Keep the kids busy

Now you might ask what is my child doing during these Power Hours. Well, some days she needs attention and I can't get much done. But when she does give me a break to work this is what she's doing:


Non-tech Activities




Building blocks

Stuffed animals

Toys in general

Reading her favorite books


Tech Activities

Educational apps on her tablet

I'm not even gonna say tv, I'll just say Peppa pig because of that pretty much all she watches.

If all else fails, I take her outside with my laptop. My daughter loves being outdoors. She plays in the sand, in the grass and keeps herself entertained. She can run around and I can finish up my power hour and join her. You have to find what works for you and your family.


Meal Prep

Now you may also have noticed how I didn't mention cook lunch or dinner. I drink a delicious plant-based protein filled with over 15 superfoods. The only thing I have to decide is if it's going to be Dutch Chocolate or French Vanilla. 

I try my best to do Sunday Meal Prep; that should cover dinners for Monday through Wednesday. Then I meal prep Wednesday to cover the rest of the week. Saturday I order take out or throw a pizza in the over.


Favorite Meal prep dishes:

Butter chicken

Penne Bolognese


Turkey burgers

Taco bowls

Roasted veggies to go with all my dishes

Power hour prep like bedtime prep

When you know your Power Hour is coming up, prepare the kiddos as well. Just like you prepare them for bedtime so they understand that the time is coming. I always tell my toddler is mommy work hour and she can't sit between me and the computer. I always sit the exact same place with my headphones. I tell her is coloring time or build mommy a tower with her blocks. I Sometimes she accepts it sometimes she does not. But remained consistent and eventually, they will get it.


A burst of Self-Care.

Between my kid and my husband, I find it difficult to have any me time. Time to just focus on me or do something I enjoy without interruptions and relax. self-care is important because if we are not at our best how can we expect to give our families, career or businesses the best. My favorite self-care practices are meditation or yoga and Manicure and Pedicure. Meditation and Yoga can be quick and daily at home but a mani-pedi is a nice long hour of uninterrupted pampering. You can do these daily or weekly:




Reading a good book


Shopping (they don't call it retail therapy for nothing lol)

Watching your favorite show on TV or a movie (if you have time)

Indulging in your favorite snack



A candlelit bubble bath with your favorite smelling body wash

A hot shower

A Nap

A workout

Sipping your favorite tea or coffee

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As a work from home mom resources to help me with my business and family are super helpful. Or even where to get started can be frustrating without some guidance. The work from home super bundle is 37 work-at-home resources to help you fulfill your dreams, be your own boss, and relish your freedom. This has been so helpful for me. 

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How do you guys balance work/career, business and family? 

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