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Fit & Flirty Athleisure Brand

Fit & Flirty Athleisure Brand

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Let's talk mindset around food. I think when people think of a healthy lifestyle and fitness we often think of a rigid diet. Something like chicken breast and broccoli. Well, guess what eating a donut or having a shot of tequila does not make you unhealthy. It makes you human. 


Having a healthy relationship with food does not mean any food is necessary/particular good or bad. Labeling a food good or bad sets up your mind about how you feel about that food. And why would you want to feel bad about fueling your body with energy and it just happens to taste really yummy. If you love cookies, have a cookie, if you love champagne, have champagne. It's all about balance and something you can maintain long-term. The same goes for fitness. Being fit doesn't mean staying in the gym for hours. Have you seen some of these yogis walking around? They are not particularly gym rats but are fit nonetheless. 


I love brands that promote this type of feel-good mindset when it comes to health and fitness. Health and Fitness should be fun. Check out the really cute apparel line by Fit & Flirty

a chic athleisure brand created to celebrate fitness fanatics and champagne lovers through a collection of bubbly, athletic inspired designs. Their message is all about living a healthy lifestyle and popping bottles, who doesn’t love that.



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Their apparel line are super cute and so comfortable to wear while getting your workout on or sippin on that champagne. They all have fun, powerful and inspirational messages on them to inspire you to be authentic and love who you are. My shirt says low squattin' high vibin' champagne sippin' fitness fanatic, I mean how cool is that. If your into fitness, fun and fashion these are for you!


To check out more of their incredible line, go check out Fit & Flirty!

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