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How exercise improves your overall quality of life

How exercise improves your overall quality of life

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When people hear the word exercise they immediately flash to the gym. You think about heavy weights and complicated machines. Skinny girls and big muscular men and the idea of even entering the place gives you a big old fright.

A lot of people feel like exercise is this strenuous thing to do to just lose weight and that is something they are just too lazy to do.

To live a healthier lifestyle or even to just lose weight we must approach this in a holistic way. This means we must focus on various aspects to make an impact on the situation as a whole.

These include eating more whole foods, getting enough sleep, drinking water and yes, this includes daily activity. The idea that exercise is scary is all in your mind. Check out simple tips on how to jump-start a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise is all about getting your heart rate up and pumping blood and oxygen to the rest of your body and improves your quality of life. It also doesn't have to be strenuous and doesn't have to be done at the gym. Your home is perfectly suitable to get down and break a sweat or a good 10-minute stroll through your neighborhood should do the trick.


Our bodies were not designed to be in a sedentary state for days on end.

Especially for those working in an office or working from home or those standing but not really moving it's important to include activity in your daily routine.

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain, loss of flexibility, lower metabolism, a decrease in flexibility and research suggest depression and anxiety.


Tights from afrotights.


Many bodybuilders are the most confident people you will ever meet because exercising builds their confidence and make them feel great. Now I’m not saying you must be a bodybuilder, that’s more on the extreme end of the spectrum but a quick jog or walk will give the average man the same feeling of confidence and happiness. You get a sense of accomplishment that you completed the workout and in no time, you will be pushing your body further than you would ever think. All because of how it makes you feel. Not only is exercising a mood and confidence booster, it improves your quality of life.



Exercise helps with anxiety

Exercise helps release endorphins that make you feel good. Studies show that just 5 minutes of exercise can improve your mood. The effects can last all day and decrease anxiety.


Boost brain power

Studies show that daily exercise helps work your brain to optimum capacity and grows the part of your brain that is related to learning.


Strengthens your immune system

Exercising raises the temperature of your body. Raising your body temperature helps to kill of bad bacteria. Less bad bacteria mean you get sick less often.


Gives you energy

All that heavy breathing during a workout gets your heart pumping. This leads to your body having freshly oxygenated blood which means increased energy.


Helps you sleep better

Sometimes we go to bed, but our bodies and mind aren't at a calm state of mind. Exercise makes your body tired and when your exercising you are more likely not to be thinking about daily stresses. When bedtime comes you are more likely to get a good night’s sleep.


3 simple tips to squeeze in some activity every day:


·        Park further from your job to get more steps in or even leave your car at home.


·        Walk/Jog during the commercial breaks of your favorite tv shows.


·        Jumping jacks while you wait for your shower to heat up

Want to rev up your workout routine? I've got a QUIZ for you!


How do you get your daily dose of exercise in?



What is your active secret sauce?!

What is your active secret sauce?!

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