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Full Body Loop bands workout

Full Body Loop bands workout

Hey squad,

You guys know I'm a work from home mom so I love at home workouts. They fit best into my schedule. Check out my previous on how to get in a successful at home work out. Today I wanted to add some loop bands to my workout to burn extra fat at tone my muscles. This workout is quick, gets the heart pumping and will help you tone your body and burn calories. Loop bands are easy to use and very effective.


I picked these from Toplus because they are super affordable, they come in an array of resistance, a cute pouch and are very durable. My toddler can attest to that lol.  TOPLUS Set of 5 Loops Exercise Resistance Bands for Home Workout, Pilates, Yoga, Rehab, Physical Therapy.

The workout consists of 4 moves and your going to the 1 whole round 3 times

Squat Leg extension 1 minute

Plank row 1 minute alternating arms

In and out squats 1 minute. This one will really get the heart pumping

And lastly Wall Sit In and Out. A nice leg and booty burner to finish the round.

After you've completed your 3 rounds remember to hydrate. This workout was done in the hot Miami sun. But my water remains cold using this cool looking water bottle from Toplus. This bottle is scratch proof, rust proof, and shockproof! It keeps my liquids at the right temp and I mean look how cool it looks. Who else has a gold water bottle!

Alright who is dropping it like its hot and doing this workout!?

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