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Welcome to my blog. Here you can get a little healthy living, a little food, a little all natural green lifestyle and a whole lot of me! I’m also a work from home momma that can share ways on how to live a life of freedom and start earning online as a BuBu ambassador! Hope you have a nice stay!

The detox cleanse and nourish program that worked for me!

The detox cleanse and nourish program that worked for me!

Hey BuBu squad,

I've always been into staying in shape but in 2013/2014 I really stepped my healthy lifestyle game up, after gaining some wedding weight lol. Yes, planning my wedding was stressful and my bridesmaids had to squeeze me into my dress.


Eating clean, less meat and drinking lots of smoothies and working out at home; I weighed the least I had ever been at 120 pounds. I was happy with the weight loss but not happy with how I looked; a little too skinny and lost all junk in the trunk lol

So I hit the gym and increased the protein and carbs. I weighed 135 and looked and felt amazing. Now I had always been irregular and suffered from IBS type symptoms, but it's been going on so long, it didn't really bother me.


Fast forward to April 2015, my husband and I got the wonderful news that I was pregnant! Cue balloons and confetti!


I promised myself I was going be one of those fit happy mommies to be, working out and eating healthy. But hah! Your girl indulged in nothing but delish not so healthy food and was barely active. My mind and body had other plans. Before I was pregnant I was about 150 pounds. At the end of my pregnancy, I was hitting 180 pounds. Which is about the max you should gain during pregnancy. Thankfully I delivered a healthy baby.


After Nova was born I lost 20 pounds naturally but the rest would just not come off. I was tired all the time and had no energy to work out.


My best friend of forever had been talking to me about these fruit and vegetable capsules she had been taking that helped her Crohn's disease, acne and weight loss.


So after a while, I finally bit the bullet. I was more intrigued by the business side of things really. But after completing the program (twice), because the first time, well I cheated lol, I lost all my baby weight and I had all this energy and my digestion has never been this regular. I mean like clock work lol. The meals in the meal plans are easy, healthy and delicious. The shakes tastes like dessert. My body feels amazing!



I just couldn't wait to introduce the products and program to other people and thus BodyUp BossUp was born!


The program was created by some amazing nutrition experts from Australia, George Saragas and Zoe Tattersal. Its divided into 3 phases:


3 days of detox

7 days of cleanse

14 days of nourish

This is not a diet, it’s a program to help you learn how to eat healthy, forever (in my Cardi B voice)




The Bu Bu health coaching is centered around getting more than enough fruits and vegetables daily, me guiding you through the detox, cleanse and nourish program, a community doing it along with you, customizable workouts with meal replacement plant-based protein shakes if you desire. This is not only for weight loss, it's for overall health. Nourish your body inside out. It worked for me, it can work for you!

If you are ready to jump-start a healthier lifestyle, head over to the services tab.

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4 core ways to start living healthier (Printable Tracker Inside)

4 core ways to start living healthier (Printable Tracker Inside)