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Welcome to my blog. Here you can get a little healthy living, a little food, a little all natural green lifestyle and a whole lot of me! I’m also a work from home momma that can share ways on how to live a life of freedom and start earning online as a BuBu ambassador! Hope you have a nice stay!

Checklist: 10 steps to starting a crunchy lifestyle (pdf)

Checklist: 10 steps to starting a crunchy lifestyle (pdf)

Hey squad!

What does it mean to be crunchy? I’ve been on a journey for some time now to live a cleaner lifestyle. Eating more whole foods and more plant based. Using all-natural skincare and switching up personal hygiene products to fewer toxic ones and also purchasing more Eco-friendly products like my favorite yoga mat. One day a good friend of mine added me to her crunchy mommas’ group. First, I was like what the heck is crunchy but then after researching the group, a light bulb went off! I had found my tribe!

Crunchy refers to the crunch of granola, which (as goes the stereotype) hippie-esque people are likely to eat. To be crunchy is to be along the mindset of all-natural. There’s a very broad spectrum but here are some topics associated with crunchy mommies:

Natural birthing, breastfeeding, babywearing, baby-led weaning, cloth diapering, ECing (elimination communication), co-sleeping, bed sharing, non or selective vaccinating, anti-circumcision, attachment parenting techniques, homeschooling or un-schooling, natural medicine (lots of probiotics), natural living, organic eating plus many more that would fall into that same train of thought.

As you can see it has a lot to do with babies and parenting and the expands out to lifestyle and household.

This type of minimalist all-natural nontoxic lifestyle is what I aspire for me and my family. Now I’m not there yet but I’ve made so many positive changes thanks to the group and this lifestyle that I wanted to create an easy peasy checklist for those with and without kids who want to get started. It shouldn’t be hard, just small changes over time.   


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