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Moisturized skin with GorjusWhips Body Butters

Moisturized skin with GorjusWhips Body Butters

Hey squad,


I know, I know, it has been a while since putting up a post. I've been putting some more focus on my clients and my health coaching business. But one thing that hasn't change is me taking time for some self-care. Self-care doesn't have to be a full blast Spa day, complete with a hot stone massage, facial, deep tissue…..what was I talking about again lol. But yeah those of us on a budget have to transform our homes into a spa. I loooove skin care products, especially all natural gems.  Taking time to take care of your skin is definitely a form of self-care. My girl form GorjusWhips sent me some two jars of whipped shea moisture body butter from her all natural collection and I'm absolutely in love.

Gorjus Whips is a green based company where we produce 100% natural body butters using Shea butter and oils that are sourced from the East and West regions of Africa. our luxurious and whipped body butter are solely handcraft with no additives and are packaged using 100% recycled glass to preserve our natural ingredients. We believe in product freshness and as a result manufacture in small batches to ensure the quality of our body butters and we ship our product directly to our customer.


I have dry skin, my body more than face and I passed that trait on to my daughter. The level of ashy my skin gets is ridiculous, especially during the winter time. When I received the product I was already pleasantly surprised with the packaging. So cute! I received two jars of whipped body butters.


I received A jar of Heavenly: Shea Butter, Mafura butter, Kalahari oil, Bergamot and Vanilla amber oil.

And a jar of Crisp: Shea Butter, Mafura butter, Kalahari oil and White Linen oil.



I opened up heavenly first and it smelled amazing but not too overpowering. I used it on myself, my legs, stomach and arms. It went on smooth, like butter but not too greasy. It kept my skin moisturised throughout the day. I liked the whipped formula because it stays stiff in the jar but goes on like butter!


It worked so well so I decided to use it on my daughter. She had some really dry patches on her leggs and butt. I put some on her daily for a few days. After a few days her dry patches were gone and it didn't effect the rest of her skin. So its great for sensitive skin.



I would definitely recommend GorjusWhips Body Butters. They are effective in keeping skin silky smooth and moisturized without being greasy. They have an all natural line which is great. I saw an amazing change in my daughter's skin. The jars may seem small but a little goes a long way! Let me tell you I don't want that second bottle to end but I'd be happy to purchase some because on top all of that they are affordable!


Have you ever tried whipped body butter and what's your go-to body butter to keep your skin moisturized?!

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