How exercise can impact mental health

Psychologically, regular physical exercise has been proven to improve anxiety, depression, ADHD, stress, low energy, PTSD/trauma, insomnia, and a myriad of other issues. When you get your body moving, you encourage the release of neurotransmitters (chemicals) from your brain like serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, which contribute to mood regulation, pain/stress relief, and overall well-being. By focusing on the movement of your muscles and how your body is moving, exercising is a real meditative experience. Exercising regularly improves the sex life, self esteem, energy levels, longevity of life, happiness, sharper memory, better sleep, and the list continues! There’s no bad outcome when you’re living a more fit, active lifestyle.

Full Body Loop bands workout

You guys know I'm a work from home mom so I love at home workouts. They fit best into my schedule. Check out my previous on how to get in a successful at home work out. Today I wanted to add some loop bands to my workout to burn extra fat at tone my muscles. This workout is quick, gets the heart pumping and will help you tone your body and burn calories. Loop bands are easy to use and very effective.

The Secret Formula for a great home workout

I used to be a huge gym rat, I love the weight training room and feel like a beast in there. Now that I'm a mom, working from home and mixed with my hubby's work schedule I cant make it to the gym as often as I would. Working out at home can be demotivating sometimes. Nobody to hold you accountable and when you look over at your couch vs getting up and breaking a sweat, you might opt to plop on the couch. Exercise is one of the core parts of a healthy lifestyle (insert link). So I incorporate it at least 3 times a week. I now love working out at home and have gotten my mojo back. I've come up with a formula that makes me get off the couch and makes for the best and effective workout.