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My busy mamma morning ritual

My busy mamma morning ritual

Starting your day with a routine is a great way to set yourself of for success for the rest of the day. I’m sure you’ve seen your favorite Instagrammer show of their fairy like morning rituals where they are glowing in the morning. If you are a mamma like me with a clingy and noisy toddler it gets a bit harder to maneuver. I've been trying to perfect my routine for some time now but with a toddler that wakes up with the energy of the energizer bunny it gets pretty difficult.


I tried to squeeze in meditation, journal, podcast and all that jazz in the morning and by the time I got trough, breakfast was super late and work started at noon. Now I know  what your thinking, why don't you just get up earlier. Listen closely, because I don't want to! Lol. I'm not a morning person and even worse I can't have coffee because of my current state of pregnancy.


Sooooo, I've come up with what works for me.


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8:00 am visualize how I want the day to go. I close my eyes and envision myself completing my goals. If my daughter is already up, I honestly do this on the toilet while she is brushing her teeth.

8:15 am water with lemon followed by some herbal tea. It's usually my healthy mushroom coffee but I'm currently pregnant so caffeine for me.

8:30 am : I grab my phone at this point it's still on do not disturb so there are no distractions. While I sip my tea, I write down all the things I'm grateful for. A minimum of 5 things. At this point she in on the bed with me and we talk about what we are both grateful for.

9:00 am I pull out my mat and get into a 15 minute yoga flow. I try to include my daughter.  Or she just runs around me during my practice. If she interrupts, I stop and remind her that it's yoga time and mommy needs some quiet and encourage her to breathe and follow along.

9:30 am listen to something motivational/podcast while making breakfast. My daughter pulls up a chair and helps me make breakfast or if she asks she can watch TV.

10:00 am check my notifications and emails while she is eating.

 11:00 am Start working from home . At this point she gets screen time or her blocks or a book.

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Hopefully this can help you out and as a mom you can use this, tweak it and make it your own!

What is one thing you include daily in your morning routine?

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